2024 : Friends association projects

At the end of the association’s annual general meeting, projects for the year 2024 were decided. This involves the creation of new bilingual panels, describing the discoveries made in 2023 and 2024 to be presented to visitors. In addition to the active search for sponsorship, a concert will be organized in July for the benefit of the association, at Bayeux Cathedral.

Following this meeting, a series of conferences was held on the archaeological discoveries made at the abbey, as well as on the results of the examination and study of the Armorican timberwork of the “hôtellerie” and the frescoes which cover it’s walls.

The program was as follows: 

Hélène Dupont, archaeologist at INRAP, took stock of the excavations carried out at the abbey and the latest archaeological discoveries that they made possible.

Frédéric Epaud, researcher at the CNRS, specialist in medieval timberwork, commented on the numerous information resulting from the examination of the “hôtellerie” timberwork.

Géraldine Victoir, lecturer in the history of medieval art at the Paul Valery University of Montpellier 3, dated and interpreted the frescoes decorating the interior gables of the “hôtellerie”.